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Read the story behind my love for writing and find out what inspired me to write my first book.

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Released and Ready

The action-packed debut novel to a universe filled with adventure, intrigue, and, of course, science-fiction…

The Analects

Travel to new worlds and encounter new species across galaxies within the Crazy Universe.


Tropical Haven Situated in the Kijimus solar system of the Balte Galaxy, Palamas saunters through space with the appearance of a turquoise marble flecked with muted red streaks and dots of verdant green. Even from Read more…


Winter Wonderland Nestled in the Hailidi solar system of the Annolis galaxy, Norpol is a large planet with a fascinating connection to and influence on cultures and races stretching across the universe. This is especially Read more…

The Scribe

I am the Scribe, the author of the Analects, my writings of the planets I have explored and the races I have encountered. I am of no lineage; I relate to no one; I am Read more…