Jacob Fisher is a full-time student, entrepreneur, and author with a limitless imagination that has spent his life creating stories. A lifelong fan of all things pertaining to science-fiction and fantasy and concerned that everyday life is lacking without superheroes, aliens, and the like, Jacob especially likes to write about the world we live in as if it had everything it was missing. When he’s not typing away and expanding his universe, Jacob is either enjoying time with his friends and family or going on adventures with his dog, Odin.

But before Jacob loved to write, he loved to read.

With an early childhood marked by multiple cross-country moves and many schools along the way, the characters he read about were his most loyal friends, going with him wherever he went, while the stories and settings he found in fantasy and science fiction books were familiar to him when his own circumstances and surroundings were not.

Finding comfort and entertainment in reading, it was unsurprising that Jacob turned to writing as soon as he knew how to use a pencil. Though he had little idea of what he was doing, often writing incoherent plots and thoroughly misspelled storylines that incorporated his favorite characters from actual books onto pieces of blank paper stapled together, he found the writing process immensely fun. Fortunately, as time has gone on, his skills have improved as well as his love for the craft.

As Jacob’s abilities and passion for writing continued to develop, he started middle school, which also happened to be another new school with no old friends. Like he had done before, he would have to make new friends yet again, which he did, but no quicker than his usual introverted pace; however, his newest friends seemed different than all those prior. He felt like they would be inseparable, even if he did have to change schools again. For perhaps the first time, Jacob felt closer and more comfortable around a group of his peers than he did around some of his favorite literary characters. Naturally, his friends started to appear in his stories, which continued to become increasingly compelling.

Then came the day that Jacob decided to commemorate his group’s friendship in something more permanent than a random story: a book of his own, one set in an interestingly familiar yet intriguingly different world and centered around him and his friends to forever solidify their bond. The book took years to write, rewrite, and revise, but shortly after graduating high school, it was complete. The Crazies: Foredoomed Rise was finished and published. In the long time it took him to write it, the book never veered from being a celebration of his friends, who remain his closest companions, but it also became a tangible expression for his love of writing, which compels him everyday to expand his universe for everyone, including you, to enjoy.