I am the Scribe, the author of the Analects, my writings of the planets I have explored and the races I have encountered.

I am of no lineage; I relate to no one; I am of no kind. I am alone in this universe.

From the beginning, I have been. For this reason, some races I have met believe me worthy of praise, but I am not. Raised from dust, one day unknown to me I will return to it as all others will. Food I require and drink I need to live. Hardships I face, and failure I am well acquainted with. No, none should worship me, and I renounce any and all praise given to me by the woefully misguided. I am the Scribe but nothing more.

My Purpose

For countless days I have traveled the universe, lightyears I have crossed in my wanderings and trillions of beings I have seen in my journeys. I do this so that I may record the whole of the universe: its splendor and majesty, its horror and savagery.

This task is handed down to me by One that exceeds my understanding. So powerful is this One, that even if I opposed this duty, my body would be compelled to complete it. But I do not oppose it; rather, I rejoice that it has been assigned to me.

Names, customs, languages, and information I know in abundance. But how close I am to finishing my task, I know not. What value my Analects will ever have to another in this universe, I know not. Alas, so little do I truly know. Yet, I am content, for I am the Scribe and nothing more.

A Note to All

With supreme diligence and care I have faithfully sought to report all that I have seen throughout my travels, but, even so, I have been a witness to more than I could ever write.

I have seen stars being born, and I have seen many die. Before my very eyes, planets have collided, and so too have rocks come together to form new worlds. Wonders of every scale I have witnessed, balanced with catastrophes that bring me to tears. I have watched as species have warred against each other, and I have also seen races band together in peace. Many times have I been given sustenance by a stranger, and no fewer times have I been betrayed by one I thought to be a friend. So much I have seen.

For all that will ever be omitted from the Analects, I shall write this: There is order and beauty in this universe that is beyond coincidence, and there is confusion and calamity that also speaks of some orchestration. However, do not be deceived, for all of these things do not coexist, but they struggle against each other. The good fights against the evil. With millennia that I can look back on, I can look ahead and see the great, final battle between these two contenders culminating on the horizon. Perhaps it seems unbelievable at this time, but there is a point coming when good will prevail and evil will be extinguished.

In all my work, I make no recommendations, but this one time I will. So says the Scribe, do not be on the side of evil.

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