Tropical Haven

Situated in the Kijimus solar system of the Balte Galaxy, Palamas saunters through space with the appearance of a turquoise marble flecked with muted red streaks and dots of verdant green. Even from space it is a relaxing sight to look upon.

A boat in the water of Palamas surrounded by a tropical setting.

Standing on the sands of this planet and looking out at its calm seas, though, is exceedingly soothing. The breeze is refreshing, the water warm, and the landscape breathtaking as monolithic rocks rise from the ocean with their crowns of foliage, the fruit of which is unsurprisingly sweet. In short, Palamas is a tropical haven. Few worlds have I visited that have set me at such ease.

Laid-back Life

There are many locals on Palamas. They speak a language endemic to their planet, one that I have not been able to decipher. Interestingly, the complex gestures they make with their hands seem to be as integral to their conversations as any of their spoken words, which I never recall seeing among any other intelligent species. Being unable to converse with them effectively, I have been unable to learn too much about them. In fact, even what they call themselves eludes me, so I have been forced to simply refer to them as the Palamase people.

A view of Palamas' red sand and turquoise waters from above.

While I have been unable to overcome the language barrier, that has not stopped the Palamase people from showing incredible generosity to me. At every village I traveled to, which was no less than a dozen, I was met with a gleeful reception and a banquet that I could not resist. They prepare a fresh feast and celebrate well into the night, but this is not before the village chief escorts me into the wilderness adjoining their huddle of huts and has me select the fruits most pleasing to me.

The first time I was taken into the jungles like this, I was admittedly frightened, thinking these fine people would display a savage side and begin to spill the blood of either myself or the gentle animals of Palamas. I was pleasantly surprised, though, when I came to realize the Palamase people have a diet entirely consisting of plant material. Even their fishermen do not fish, they simply gather the seaweed that collects at the top of the water like a dross. As an aside, I must say that, when grilled, this seaweed is remarkably savory.

A primitive village with small boats on the waters of Palamas.

When the people are not preparing for or carrying out a welcoming banquet, they return to a very laid-back life. I would not call it sedate, and certainly not lazy, for much work gets done throughout the day, but there is no hurry in anyone’s step, nor any wrinkle of worry on their faces. While their civilizations may be primitive, I get the sense that this is by choice rather than the result of any inability to innovate. It is a remarkable life that the Palamase people live. I suppose that if I were to spend any great amount of time on Palamas, I would fall into a state of calm as well. Yet, that is not for me! I must keep charting the universe in accordance with my calling.

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