“The Shielded Demons”


120 years


10 to 11 feet


900 to 1,100 pounds

A Tymek, known as a Shielded Demon, on a desolate battlefield.


Velon, the proud king of the Tymeks.

Their bodies are covered in a kind of thick carapace that doubles as clothing and a crude form of armor. From this they gain the moniker of “Shielded Demons.” Oftentimes, intricate designs will be carved into their chitinous exoskeleton to symbolize their status and authority. As Tymeks age, their carapace turns from black and gold to silver and brass, and the outermost layers begin to peel and flake. Even so, their natural armor retains enough of its strength to be chiseled and carved, allowing for fascinating patterns like that which appears on Velon, the proud and ruthless leader of the Tymek people. Also, in much the same way a botanist trains a plant, many Tymeks train their shells to grow spikes, reinforced plating, and other features beyond their natural form.

Tymeks under the age of twenty are the only ones who shed their carapaces and are in fact without a shell for most of their early lives. As a result, they are considered children and are prohibited from venturing beyond the borders of their cities for fear of being killed, as they are highly vulnerable without their armor. Children can be easily differentiated from adult specimens, for they wear brightly colored garments similar to a robe in style. If not donning their hoods, the pale, venous skin of their defenseless heads can be seen.


An elite Tymek soldier wielding a sword on a fiery battlefield.

The Tymeks are a cruel race bent on planetary supremacy, a goal they have been striving toward for more than two centuries. They derive excitement and satisfaction from killing, which they have become masters of. Most engage in combat without any weapon apart from their own hands, though elite soldiers are taught how to handle swords, hammers, and axes. Though these are basic weapons, the best of the Tymeks can use them to slay one hundred of their enemies in minutes and wipe out an entire camp of their foes in hours. If a Tymek should sustain a serious injury in combat, they enter a trance-like state in which they ignore all pain and continue to fight until they die or have vanquished all of their enemies. If a Tymek is slain, their killer will remove their carapace from their body and use it to fashion armor for themselves.

The winter is the only time when the Tymeks are not fighting the other dominant species of their planet, for the conditions are too harsh to sustain any type of campaign. They, like their enemies, are instead forced to take shelter in their towns and cities for the bitter months of cold and frost. During this time, the Tymeks grow restless and irritable. Some individuals have been known to kill their own kind during the winter. Sickeningly, there is no punishment for such violent outbursts, as it is deemed natural and expected. With confidence, this same brutality can be extrapolated to the rest of their behavior.

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